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The Basics



Picture frame moulding  is available in many finishes and grades.  Keystone Custom Picture Framing has hundreds of frame samples to choose from, including an extensive selection of rustic frames.  All moulding is custom cut for a perfect fit for your item.

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Matting - A rainbow of colors!                                            

A mat is the board that surrounds the art or photograph.  A mat may be used to bring out colors in the art and also draw the eye toward the art.  Mats are not only used for aesthetic purposes however, they also serve to protect the art.  Mats should be used on all paper art, prints and photographs to keep the art separated from the glass within the frame.  Without a mat, the art/photograph may eventually stick to the glass which can ruin the art.  Cardboard or posterboard should never be used for matting.  They contain high amounts of acid that will discolor art and photographs in a short period of time.

Mats are available in many styles and countless colors.


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Before art or photos can be matted, they must be mounted to a backing board.  Different types of art or photos are mounted using different methods.  Posters and other inexpensive prints should be dry mounted to a backing board to prevent wrinkling of the piece within the frame due to temperature and humidity changes.  

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There are several types glass (glazing) available:

Regular Glass - This is the most common type of glazing providing protection with the least distortion.  It is strong, resistant to scratches and affordable.  Regular glass filters approximately 45% of harmful UV rays.   

Non-Glare Glass -- Has a lightly frosted appearance and diffuses light to remove glare -- a loss of  sharpness of the image results.  Ideal when hanging your artwork or photograph near a window or other light source.   This type of glass filters approximately 45% of harmful UV rays.

Conservation Clear UV Glass – Preserves sharpness when glare is not an issue and protects art from harmful UV rays by filtering out more than 97%.

Non-Glare UV Glass – Has a lightly frosted appearance and diffuses light to remove glare.  This glazing protects art your artwork from harmful U.V. rays by filtering out more that 97%. 

Museum Glass - The ultimate picture framing glass available for conservation framing. Rated to provide the lowest reflection ratings and the highest brightness and contrast levels.  96% of light is transmitted to the artwork with less than 1% reflection and 99% UV protection.  Recommended uses include the most precious artwork or family heirlooms.

Acrylic – An option for items that are heavy or that will be hanging in children’s rooms or play areas.  Acrylic is available in regular clear and non-glare and filters out over 60% of harmful UV rays.



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